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Last updated September 24th, 2020

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Privacy is central to our philosophy. We are open and transparent as a company, but watertight and security heavy when it comes to our customers.

Similar collects limited information related to your online shopping behaviour

Similar automatically collects information about websites you visit where we may have relevant deals or product recommendations.

We do not track behaviour on all websites, specifically we do not track behaviour on any website that may be deemed sensitive or unrelated to online comparison.

The information collected is used to provide and improve Similar’s comparison features and Similar’s marketing, products, and services. We will also from time to time use this data for our own internal business analytics and fraud detection purposes.

We collect basic information about your operating system and browser. We collect and process the URL, page metadata, and limited page content of the website you are visiting to find a comparable deal or product for you.

To permit location services, for example to identify available stock of items close to you, we may collect and process your IP address to understand what retailers are in closest proximity. If you wish to use this service, we will always request permission to process your IP address before doing so.

We do not track any personally identifiable information about you, and are able to provide services via an anonymised Customer ID that we assign to you when you install Similar.

Similar is owned by Particular Audience, also known as PA

Particular Audience is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and provides software as a service technologies to retailers to improve their search and product discovery experience on their own eCommerce sites. It is these technologies from Particular Audience that allow us to provide Similar to consumers like you.

Similar shares information collected with and Similar's parent company Particular Audience ( which follows practices at least as protective as those described herein.

Data from users of Similar is used to make the overall community experience of Similar better. For example, if a coupon code no longer works for several users, the wider community will no longer see that coupon in action. Conversely, if one or more users discover a new coupon code, the wider community will benefit from it.

We are interested in product metadata and the relationship between products

Collating shopping behaviour online allows us to understand the compatibility and similarity of items, this data is anonymised and applied in aggregate as the 'wisdom of the crowd'. This network of items across the internet is what enables rapid discovery of relevant items, contextual to your demand in any given moment.

Technically this is all we need to map the relationship between items online and provide intuitive search and recommendations to you, via Similar consumer products and also through Particular Audience technology products used on some of your favourite retail websites.

We do not depend on personally identifiable information.

We will never sell your data

If we help you find a better deal, the retailer you shop with will pay us a referral fee, this lets us make Similar free to users like you.

Your data is used to help you and the community (other users) find the most relevant items, at the best prices through Similar.

Similar works by finding you the cheapest comparable items on the internet, and the best deals.

Contact with us is easy

If you have any feature requests, questions or comments please email us at

We operate in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada. Other markets are currently unsupported.

If you wish to request that we add support for a specific retail website please email us at In the meantime, try using our search tools.

To operate, provide, and improve Similar and Similar’s marketing, products, and services, Similar collects and processes browsing information (URLs, search terms, search results, page metadata, and limited page content) from websites for which we may have relevant deals or product recommendations.

Particular Audience and Similar are trading names of Anamantic Pty Ltd, a private limited company registered in Sydney Australia.

Australian Business Number: 64 619 588 153

You do not have to provide your email, nor login to use Similar

By default, all browsing data is completely anonymised. We do not collect any personally identifiable information aside from your IP address at the time a relevant behaviour receives opt-in.

If you do login, we may link your name and email address to your Customer ID from which we can make personalised recommendations across Similar products to help us offer additional ancillary services to make your online shopping experience easier and more rewarding.

We may also use this email address to contact you with relevant information as permitted by your opt-in.

We will never allow third party access to these details, we will never sell this data

Should you login with Facebook or Google, we do not track your social media activity or emails; but we will be granted access to your profile and contacts in line with your own privacy permission settings.

We are fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA, meaning you can request to see any personally identifiable information and the associated data we hold on you at anytime and we commit to its timely deletion within 30 days of request.

You have rights to access and control information we hold for you.

If you wish to submit a complaint, you can contact We will try to respond to any such requests within 30 days.

Should you need to you may also submit a complaint with any locally applicable data protection authority.

We have developed Similar for the use of adults of at least 18 years of age. We do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from children. If you are the parent or guardian that would like us to remove users, or data of users who are below the age of 18 please contact and we will be able to help.

Best practice security

We retain information for as long as you use Similar. We follow best practice security policies to protect and anonymise your data, applying encryption, vulnerability testing and malware detection. We also employ strict access safeguards internally.

Similar for mobile is coming soon

Similar for mobile helps you discover and compare products and services while shopping on your mobile device, each of the descriptions provided thus far applies to supported apps and supported websites you visit. Once installed, Similar automatically collects information about apps and websites you visit where we may have relevant deals or product recommendations via your device accessibility service.

The Similar mobile app settings allow you to control features and information permissions.