Moving Home Woes: How Similar, a free browser extension, saved my wallet & my sanity

Published 16th, Dec 2020 by Bronagh Marley

No one likes moving house. The packing, furniture assembly, the couch pivoting, the tears and the emotional eating… just me?

I recently moved out of a flat that had a six-year legacy of rolling co-tenants, fridge door full of old condiments and very questionable décor. I was delighted. Ready to make a fresh start by the beach with a spice rack and sauces purchased in the present decade. But alas, after years of abuse, our old fridge chilled its last questionable takeaway container and fell victim to a precarious stairwell.

I was in trouble. This was a cost I had not anticipated. I had spent the last of my moving budget on some essential throw pillows and a candle that smells like Christmas.

Within seconds of my first search, I had a list of every single option that could fit into my new kitchen... and more importantly, my budget.

With the help of Similar, I was able to save $212 on my ideal make and model - meaning I now had $212 back in my pocket for more scented candles or to pay my rent.

Similar is an extension with one mission: to give shoppers the best deal on the Internet. No other tool gives you total visibility on the market like this. With a few scrolls and one-click - I had a shiny new fridge ready to take on the next six years of spilled soy sauce, forgotten takeaways and long lost veggies. 

Before you buy anything online, download Similar so you’ll never overpay again.

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