Need a new vacuum? Find Dyson alternatives that don’t break the bank

Published 16th, Dec 2020 by Kevin Bow and Bronagh Marley

A bladeless Dyson fan? A bagless Dyson vacuum? Who would've thought that some of the most exciting inventions have come in the form of the everyday household appliance? 

The evolution of the household appliance has been tireless. There have been some failures - looking at you, first-generation Roomba, pitching down a set of stairs - but also some fantastic creations. The inventiveness of the Dyson vacuum and others has paved the way for the future of convenience. Fascinating stuff!

If you're anything like me, owning a Dyson product, let alone multiple, truly is the pinnacle of success. But it comes at a cost. Dyson has revolutionized the most mundane of our household appliances, however, the cost of research and development is often passed on to the consumer. So what if you want to ensure you are getting a great price for the best cordless vacuum such as the Dyson Stick vacuum cleaner?

Or, what if you're looking for a suitable alternative that provides Dyson like quality, without the price tag?

Similar is a new extension that is the perfect tool for this task. Here are some of its key features:

  • Compare the price of the vacuum across multiple marketplaces
  • Find the most suitable alternatives to that vacuum by description
  • Filter by price
  • All these options without having to navigate through endless websites!

In a matter of clicks, you have the ability to find the best price on that Dyson vacuum in the shortest amount of time… 25 seconds to be precise:

As for the best Dyson alternatives that don’t break the bank? Here’s what Similar has found:

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